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Multidisciplinary Educational Approach @ Rahul Education

“The inherent human potential for intellectual, aesthetic, social, physical, emotional, and moral development can all be harnessed through liberal education in an integrated way.”

The major objective of tertiary education is to equip students with the knowledge of a particular discipline that will enable them to analyze information and apply it to real-world situations. Students need to comprehend the connections between various disciplines in their particular curriculum in order to increase their understanding and make the learning process more productive and interesting. The benefit of a multidisciplinary approach is that it gives students more freedom in their subject selection, encourages them to pursue their interests in addition to their academic interests, helps them to develop a pragmatic outlook, and fosters collaborative relationships between educators and students. The goal of the new education policy, National Education Policy 2020 (NEP), is to consolidate various educational institutions and disciplines in order to make the educational system well-resourced and multifunctional. High-quality liberal education that offers the best possible learning environment and interdisciplinary
education that adequately accommodates student mobility will replace the conventional rigidity of the formal system and independent institutions. You will be able to study in a way that meets your own learning preferences, study
motivations, and personal interests by establishing your own multidisciplinary learning method and these critical abilities.

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“Breakthrough innovation occurs when we bring down boundaries and encourage disciplines to learn from each other.”

Each individual at Rahul Education strives with the single Vision of providing Education for All and achieving the mission of bringing progress through comprehensive quality education from KG to PG, we have over the years, adopted an integrated approach.

Rahul Education emphasizes the significance of fostering in students the skills that include active learning, creative problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, teamwork, technological proficiency, and life skills in a variety of fields. Rahul Education believes that a comprehensive educational system is the best way to achieve this.
Rahul Education offers a forum for the open discussion of how to effectively integrate technology to improve teaching, learning, evaluation, planning, and administration. The appropriate utilization of technology in all educational levels.
The overarching objective of this action was to raise the level of education in the nation and spread its benefits to everyone.

Professional Education is an integral part of the higher education system. Given the ongoing requirement to keep up with the developments of many businesses, alliances are crucial for educational organizations. Rahul Education has been fortunate to join hands with numerous firms and companies that have shared their expertise and vision for our students.

Due to which, students have the opportunity to explore other subjects they are enthusiastic about while majoring in one field. For careers coming from a multidisciplinary background, the sky’s the limit. Engineering college graduates
have gone on to serve as IAS officers and pilots. Law students now work for businesses. Students studying business have found employment in IT. This is only possible as a result of their multidisciplinary education, faculty encouragement, and Rahul Education’s extremely multidisciplinary institutional environment. In addition to exposing students to new and different disciplines, viewpoints, thoughts, or concepts, this also enables them to identify their personal passions and learn how to connect their specialized fields of study to others. You might enroll in
the Rahul Education engineering programme while also taking a course in management, architecture, or law. In fact, some students openly request interdisciplinary competence. Coordinators routinely solicit student feedback and
frequently design new courses in response to student demand. This interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-over educates students’ minds to connect the dots among the various aspects of a problem. You start to think creatively.

Even recruits are recruiting interdisciplinary talent. Skills that are versatile and adaptable are replacing training that is lacking. Through a multidisciplinary approach at Rahul Education, a student acquires a variety of skills that are easily
transferable to different work environments, including problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, self-management, time management, communication and writing, analysis and research methodologies, and much more.

Due to their diverse backgrounds in Rahul Education, young people may now broaden their horizons and find highly exciting professions in new and emerging industries. They gain the experience, knowledge, and exposure necessary to take on new endeavors.

Looking at Rahul Education, learning occurs in a very different way. “Breaking down boundaries between subjects consciously allows students to learn from plenty of Institutes. This indicates that Educational potential is massively enhanced @ RAHUL EDUCATION

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Shri. Rahul L. Tiwari

Secretary – Rahul Education