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The Internet is one of the prime needs of today’s world. The Internet is where we can find information about everything under the sky. It is the most needed thing around the globe. Businessmen, teachers, traders, students, everyone is dependent on the internet for their work. No matter if you are a middle-class person or a millionaire, all you need is the internet, sometimes for your work and sometimes for entertainment.

If we talk about students, there are many uses of the internet in a student’s life. E-tutorials, college projects, exam preparations any many more activities can be done on the internet which can help students in their studies. But the fact that excess of anything can be harmful is applicable here also. Here we will discuss why students should get limited access to the internet and talk about the harms associated with the overuse of the internet by the students.

This is the most serious problem among students today. They spend the maximum part of their day on the internet and hardly have any interactions with their family members. This leads to weak family bonds. The students who spend most of the time surfing the internet end up with an unhealthy body due to lack of physical exercise, low grades in academics because they just keep on surfing useless things, and a distance from family members because they don’t have time to sit with family and talk.
Students ignore their health, wealth, social, and personal life. The only thing they bother about is being online. We can see the examples of students getting mentally and physically disturbed due to internet addiction, for example, in 2018, a girl from Vietnam was addicted to Facebook and ended up in a mental hospital. Now she is under treatment. Another case happened in Taiwan where a student died because he played an online game continuously for 2 days without eating anything. There are endless cases like this happening with students due to the excess of the internet which reminds us how important it is to limit the internet access for the students.

The overuse of the internet is physical harm to students. Students are the future of this world and they must stay healthy to focus on their studies and become responsible citizens on this earth. With the excess of the internet, we can see many students spending hours in front of their computer screens. They keep on playing online games and chatting on social sites. This leads to their back pain, muscle weakness, eye problems, and many other posture-related issues. All these physical issues directly affect their studies and make them lazy. The Internet is a web where students easily get addicted and make their life hell.

A student needs to have a social life, make friends, and have face-to-face interactions but due to the overuse of the internet, these interactions have been lost somewhere. The Internet is famous for meeting new people and making new friends but they have nothing to do with the people around us. Students get addicted to messaging and virtual communications rather than going out and meeting friends. This affects their social life and they no longer find it comfortable to have face-to-face interactions. The students are lacking communication skills and going away from their relationships and all the blame is on the excess of the internet. If we observe, we can find endless such cases near us where students are risking their future. It is important to limit internet access for the students to save their social life also.

The students getting excess of the internet can lead to cheating. The fact that the internet has all the information can be used negatively by the students. They use search engines for finding the answers to their question during tests which lead to false results. Many schools have banned the use of mobile phones and the internet inside the school so that students can focus on their classes rather than surfing. This also enables students to achieve better grades with their hard work. The reduction in internet use can lead to awareness among students and prevent the cheating problem.

The cheating is not only about cheating in examinations but there are many cases where students are hacking the school websites and changing their grades and altering the student information. They hack their school websites to know the assignments and find their answers. In 2017, there was a case where a former student hacked his alma mater and changed his grades. The student was arrested but this is the time to think about what leads to all this?

Dangerous games like Blue Whale, Momo, etc are also part of the internet. They target students and young children to lure them to do useless tasks and kill themselves in the end. They do friends with the students and after getting all the information and understanding their weaknesses, attack them emotionally, and blackmail them.

In the year 2017-18, there were countless cases where students committed suicide due to Blue Whale and Momo. These kinds of websites are a threat to today’s youth. The students are more prone to exploitation and luring which makes the internet a very unsafe place for them.

There is nothing more important than saving the students from getting lured by frauds, cheating, and getting addicted to pornography. They need to have a normal physical and social life. Most importantly, students should focus on their studies rather than anything else. All this can be achieved only by reducing the internet access for the students. Although the internet is a very useful thing there is much harm also. It is better to allow students to use the internet for a limited time only so they do not get time for any useless online activity. The school is the best place for the students to learn, there is no need to search for every small thing to search on the internet. If we encourage students to search for books rather than the internet for everything, it can lead to a huge change.

Mrs. Sarita Almeida

B.A.|| B.Ed
School Principal at Rahul Education, Mother Mary’s English High School


There are many ways that a lack of internet access can affect a student’s academic performance. Students without internet can’t connect with teachers or classmates, do independent research, or get online homework help.

Studies conducted on the students show that internet addiction has been accompanied by major problems such as the educational drop, reduced the curriculum study, anxiety, reduced interpersonal relationships, reduced physical activities, irregularity, and nutritional diseases.

The team found that increased school district internet spending is  associated with not only improved graduation rates, but also higher   numbers of students meeting SAT/ACT criterion and completing advanced courses. It also led to an improvement in commended performance in math, reading, writing and social studies


Students can make use of the internet to find the study-related materials they need including assignments, quizzes and presentations, and all other study-related resources available online. Not just students, but teachers can also benefit from the internet. They can make use of the internet for research.

  • Added Flexibility and Self-Paced Learning. 
  • Better Time Management. 
  • Demonstrated Self-Motivation. 
  • Improved Virtual Communication and Collaboration. 
  • A Broader, Global Perspective. 
  • Refined Critical-thinking Skills.
  • New Technical Skills.