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The entire globe came to a halt, or to put it another way, the entire world was brought to its knees. Businesses were closed, as were schools and universities, and travel was prohibited. However, as the saying goes, obstacles lead to greater possibilities. Covid-19 may have turned our lives upside down, but it has given us all the chance to rise to the challenge during these grave times.

Hope can be seen after nightfall. We are continually evolving in order to create a better tomorrow.
Many of us wish to uninstall 2020 because it was infected with the Virus but whether or not we like it, it has equally provided us with enormous opportunities.

We can’t go back to the world we used to live in, so there are only a few happy things I hope to see there. A few patterns are forming or have already emerged, and they will persist even after all of this is completed.


The pandemic had put the educational system in jeopardy. Schools, universities, and colleges had all closed their doors. Indeed, it is disheartening, but let’s look at the brighter side. The educational system has gone digital, bringing the world closer together. Our desire to learn from the best resources accessible throughout the world, has been instilled in us, thanks to online education. Furthermore, parents gain firsthand knowledge of how lessons are presented and are able to immediately comprehend how their children perceive things. In essence, a transparent system is achieved. Students are becoming more aware of the numerous short online courses available to study and become accustomed to new technologies.


Open educational resources and digital tools that are free to use must be encouraged. Teachers and students should have access to free and open source technologies. In this context, the need for mobile learning technology has skyrocketed. Designing teaching and learning from ready-made materials and content is a fundamentally different thing, as it lowers and distorts the effort of teachers and students. Make open source and free technology available to teachers and students so that the digital shift can be easily expressed and shaped.


There is a significant risk that the curricula-based learning that we see when schools and colleges close will restrict the broad humanistic character of education, which is critical for the flourishing of peace, democracy, and intercultural understanding. This is an excellent time to delve further into the curriculum. Curricula should become more integrated and based on themes and situations that teach us how to live in harmony with our common humanity and earth. Finally, it is critical to build a solid foundation of knowledge about oneself and the world

Stay Connected & Help Each other

During this time, we encourage ideas, hacks, tips, and tactics for overcoming lockdowns, working from home, and assisting our communities. The Necessity is the Mother of all inventions. This has sparked a new line of thought for me. Organizations are developing the most innovative ways to attract and retain customers and employees. This could lead to breakthroughs and new ideas. You see, creativity doesn’t happen by accident; it happens because the environment requires it! Let us wait for the most brilliant concept that we want to put into action and that will take the world by storm.


We claim that since the lockout, we are, hopefully, wasting away less food, which benefits both our health and the environment. We can plan our trips to the store more efficiently and raise awareness about the importance of food. We can and should use this time to make positive adjustments in our habits and behaviors as a group to build a new and better normal.


As we’ve become more aware of the importance of personal hygiene, we’ve developed a stronger preference for it. The need to wash hands and sanitize things before using them has evolved into a habit. Health and hygiene companies have risen to the occasion, launching major campaigns to raise cleanliness awareness.

There are two sides to every coin. There is good in the midst of evil. We’re a survivor race, and we’re going to win this as well. Let us look ahead and see the brighter side of things. Decisions made now will have long-term implications for education’s future.

rahul sir

Shri. Rahul L. Tiwari

Secretary – Rahul Education