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Familiarity Between Technology And Science


Science is all the knowledge constituted by a series of principles and laws that are derived from observations or it is a study of the entire universe from the cellular level to the highest level.


Technology is a response to men’s Desire To make every work easier and improve their quality of life or it is the application arising from science.

Science improves understanding of Technology. It makes it possible for Human beings to explain why certain technological creations were successful while others failed. On the other hand, technological inventions provide mechanisms that expand the scope of science. Development, whether it is human development it or a country’s development is linked to the proper growth and development of technology in many ways. In today’s modern world, technology is advancing day by day. We need it in every minute part of our life. Technological advancement happens when there become new inventions in the science by skilled and professional scientists. Due to this life of human beings become very easy. Today we are going to have a look at the familiarity or similarity between science and technology also their effects and side effects. Technology, in general, refers to all the tools, machines, and devices used in today’s life. It is the result of the advancement of science. We can say that technology science and the development of park valley are proportional to each other.

Developments in science in technology are very necessary for the people of any nation to go and have dinner together with people of other countries. There have been many technological developments which have made our work much easier like computer mobile and many more. All things we use like television washing machines bicycles are built using technology and science. The Internet is probably the most famous means to spread information. Using the internet one can easily get news views and updates on the world. People can communicate with each other with various means of communication such as telephone, mobiles, emails, voice calls, video calls, etc… all means of communication are based on technology and science. Technology is making education improve over time students and parents have a variety of learning tools at their fingertips the use of technology in the field of industry banking transport or security has made the work easier and smoother.

As we know, everything has two sides; besides these advantages, the excessive use of technological equipment and inventions has created many side-effects from these newly built technologies. It has made people socially isolated causing addiction. It creates a shortage of jobs, etc.

And many more points are described below:-

  • Distraction: Because people are being distracted for example: A student picking gadgets over than reading, think that it is better to play than to study.
  • Illness: Because people are so busy in technology that they forget about the own limitations that it is affecting their body.
  • Addiction: Because people intend to be addictive with social media, computer games, messaging and dating websites. So that the end they are wasting a vast amount of time.
  • Data Security: Because just a single breach can spread vast amount of private information going to the hands of criminal, terrorist, foreign enemies or other Malign entities.
  • Vulnerable: Because while getting addicted to social media people tend to be emotional and take various wrong steps.
  • Negligence: Because of technology people often forget their responsibilities and duties to their lives.
  • Absent Mindedness: Because of technology people often forget their responsibilities and duties to their lives.
  • Gossip: Because of the easy access to communication people tend to ruin somebody’s reputation because of their Envy in others.
  • Effects on employment and economy: Because of modern technology companies tend to choose machinery than people because it will be more effective.

Disasters are not only manmade, there are also manmade disasters that have many reasons. One of them also includes Science and technology. Like natural disasters, technological disasters are caused by events that can be intense and sudden. Example Industrial pollution, ionizing radiation, toxic waste, dam failures, transport accident, factory explosions, fire,s and chemical spills. Technological hazards also may arise directly as a result of the impact of a national hazard event.
An example of a disaster is The Bhopal disaster a gas leak incident; on the night of 2-3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India limited pesticides plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh India. It is considered among the world’s worst technological disasters in Industries, etc….
As we have seen all the relations, effects, and side-effects of Technology & Science, it is no doubt that it is the greatest blessing to humans.

Technology & Science is like a Coin which has both positive and negative sides.

Mrs. Sarita Almeida

B.A.|| B.Ed
School Principal at Rahul Education, Mother Mary’s English High School


Scientific and technological progress helped mankind to build industrial societies in the 20th century that made wide use of underground resources, and to create prosperous societies and lifestyles. The result, however, was a society based on large-volume production, large-volume consumption, and large-volume waste.

There can be science without technology, and there can be technology without science. Pure mathematics is one example—from the Pythagoreans to Japanese temple geometry—of a science flourishing without technology.

Without science there is no human growth, no technological advances, no knowledge generation and the world stagnates. Science is knowledge and without an investment in science the world as we know it would not be possible. Without science the world would stop.

Technology does not always follow science but it may actually lead science in some instances. An example is weather forecasting. Weather forecasting is a science that is very dependent on technology in the form of supercomputers.


We are so dependent on technology that it’s become an integral part of our lives. Technology has made life easier, more convenient, safer, and more enjoyable.